About Us

To The Public
Monday thru Saturday

8:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Closed on Sunday for the Sabbath
and all major holidays

Our reason for these limited hours is to provide a quiet relaxing environment for our boarders during the daytime and evening

Best Boarding Kennels owned and operated by Jennifer Whitby Best. Providing you a worry free, safe, secure, country setting for your pet while it is in our care.

Our History & General Information

Best Boarding Kennel began in 1988 as a small facility consisting of 7 indoor / outdoor runs and one room area that house cats and small dogs in crates, feeding area and office area. In 1992, 11 more indoor / outdoor runs were added. Again in 1997, 10 more indoor / outdoor runs were added.

We are now a 50 indoor / outdoor run kennel which offers heat or air conditioning according to the time of year. Each run has privacy panels on both sides in order to help your dog feel non-threaten. Chain link is from the ground to the ceiling. A roof extends over the outside of the kennel to aviod your pet from being exposed to the weather (ie. snow, rain etc). The kennel is double fenced secure, has an alarm system and is located at our home.

Full time grooming services are available for boarding and non-boarding customers. Schedule a bath and nails on the day of your return from your pets boarding and end its stay with a relaxing “spa treatment” before heading home to be with the family. It’s a wonderful treat to pick up your pet all sweet and clean.

We encourage you to make us your all inclusive facility capable of meeting your boarding and grooming needs. With our small and faithful staff your pet will develop a relationship; having all its needs met in one location with the same people handling them year after year!

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